Save the Date: SAYMA Yearly Meeting June 13-16

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Save the Date: SAYMA Yearly Meeting June 13-16, 2019

Seek the Light, Act Boldly (2019 YM Theme)

In 1956 Friends from five Tennessee communities assembled in Knoxville to share their experiences and 1959 about 42 adults and as many children organized the Southern Appalachian Association of Friends (SAAF)… There were seven worshipping groups: Atlanta, Berea, Celo, Chattanooga, Knoxville, Nashville, and Pine Mountain. The next year members of the Association returned to Crossville for an overnight camping experience…These weekends became high points of the year and formed the basis for treasured recollections for those who participated. In 1970 … those who came to Crossville decided to create the Southern Appalachian Yearly Meeting and Association. The word “Association” was retained to acknowledge isolated Friends in our region.…In 1977… Birmingham and Charleston, won recognition as monthly meetings… Crossville, Huntsville and Memphis have become monthly meetings…. More recently, Athens, Boone, Brevard, Foxfire, Greenville, Oxford, and Swannanoa Valley meetings have joined SAYMA. Worship groups continue to be formed…. From the beautiful green mountains that dwarf the original Pendle Hill, they have had an opportunity to envision, as George Fox did… a great people waiting to be gathered in the service of the Truth that is Light and Love. (Excerpted from SAYMA Faith and Practice, pgs. 12-13).

From these beginnings, our Yearly Meeting sprang. We gather each June at Warren Wilson College in the beautiful Blue Ridge Mountains of Swannanoa, North Carolina, to worship, conduct business, learn, sing, dance, and play together. We begin with worship Thursday afternoon. John Adams, Atlanta Friend, brings our plenary message Thursday evening, and Quaker Voluntary Service (birthed in Atlanta Friends Meeting) presents our Friday evening plenary. More information about these and other activities is coming soon.

Please check the website shortly for an invitation to present a workshop if you are so led. The workshops are enriching and enjoyable. The deadline for workshop proposals is February 28.

Last year our expanded JYM and children’s program opened wonderful opportunities for children of all ages and their families. SAYF (teens) and YAFs (young adults) have exciting programs too.

You are invited! Bring family and F(f)riends!

More details soon! carol nickle, Yearly Meeting Planning Committee clerk