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Memphis Friends Meeting - Visitors Are Welcome


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The July 18 Meeting for Learning was an opportunity for Friends to reflect on their attendance at this year's online SAYMA. Friends expressed gratitude for the worship sharing and silent worship with Friends from other meetings, and several Friends shared highlights of workshops and the keynote address. There was an open and vulnerable conversation about the hard parts of the conference, many of which were related to business meeting conversations on Uplifting Racial Justice. Friends also talked about what they missed not being in-person at Warren Wilson College. One Friend recalled how dancing in Bryson Gym had always been a highlight of her attendance at in-person SAYMA conferences. She mentioned her happiness this year at dancing to a final song played in the Listening 4 Justice workshop led by Dr. Folami Adams of Atlanta Friends Meeting.

This advice from the New England Yearly Meeting served as the centering message for the Meeting for Worship that followed the Meeting for Learning. It reverberated with those who attended the Meeting for Learning: 

"Do not fear periods of doubt and questions; they may lead to openings."