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Living Fully

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The July 25 Meeting for Learning, led by Laura, gave Friends space to respond to two videos:

Laura introduced the videos by sharing a portion of MFM's minute on gender and sexual equality:

… we recognize that when we embrace the full spectrum of gender and sexual identities in our Meeting and across our wider community, our worship deepens and our community is enriched. We earnestly seek to extend our loving care to people of all genders and sexual orientations, their families, and their friends. We commit to… Continuing to learn about gender and sexuality concerns, and particularly learning how to support those who have experienced discrimination and other violence based on their gender identities or expressions.

Friends were offered two queries to guide their responses:

  • What support or loving care helped different speakers facing discrimination and other violence?
  • Have these stories affected your sense of the testimony of equality?

At the Meeting for Worship that followed, the centering quotation offered by the clerk resonated for many Friends who were continuing to reflect on the stories shared in the two videos:

  • “It is not death that scares me so much as not living as fully as I can.” Lori Barg, 1998