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Community through Committee Work

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At the November 21 meeting for learning, the Nominating Committee led worship sharing around the following queries with regard to how Friends engage in committee work. These queries are borrowed from a renewal process recently used in SAYMA M&N, with that process facilitated by Atlanta Friend Mary Ann Downey:

  • How am I actively listening for that of God in others as we contend with vulnerability, hurt, anger, and change?
  • How am I wrestling with the possibility that I may be wrong?
  • How am I bringing that into the Light?
  • If my current method of communication is not working, what other methods am I trying?
  • Is there room for others' humanity and life circumstances in my expectations? Do I see what they are able to bring, as enough?
  • Have I examined the power dynamics of myself in relationships, how I currently operate and communicate?

Mary Ann Downey's writings have appeared in Friends Journal.