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The S.A.R.I (Stand Against Racial Injustice)

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The S.A.R.I (Stand Against Racial Injustice) project was started by 2 individuals from Marlton NJ with intent to spread more support and awareness across the community towards the Black Lives Matter movement by giving away free BLM yard signs.
The SARI (Stand Against Racial Injustice) Project was founded in Summer 2020 by two individuals from the Marlton, NJ community. The SARI Project's mission is to distribute free yard signs to families, organizations, and businesses within the South Jersey community.
SARI believes that all people should live in a world of equity. But we are far from that today - while distributing free yard signs within the local community isn't a large initiative in itself, it is a way for people and organizations to show their support for social and racial justice within our country.
We provide free signs to any person or organization requesting them. Previously, signs were funded by the two founders, but as we try to grow we know we can't fund it ourselves! Because of this, signs need to be funded by generous donations.
Signs are free and always will be. We stand against racial injustice every day and fight for a better world.
Please donate to help us! Thank you.
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