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John Woolman Memorial and the Reflection Garden

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The centerpiece of the Garden is a stone with a dedication to Mary Ann and Alice.

A number of years ago, Mary Ann Bacon was taking a walk in Mount. Holly, New Jersey, during her lunch hour, when she passed the John Woolman Memorial.  Being a Quaker, Mary Ann knew about John Woolman, but what particularly drew her interest was the beautiful property.  She loved nature and gardening, and so she knocked on the door and asked if she could help.  That day began her long relationship with the Memorial as a volunteer and as a board member. She worked tirelessly to improve the property and plantings, especially in the herb and boxwood gardens and served on the Woolman Board for many years.  

Sadly, Mary Ann passed away in May 2020 just six weeks after the loss of her beloved daughter, Alice Edgerton, who also contributed her horticultural talent to the work of the Memorial. Mary Ann was a longtime member of Medford Friends Meeting and Alice grew up in Medford Meeting. Their generous gifts and plantings are flourishing at the Memorial today.

As a tribute to the lives of these two remarkable women, the Board of Trustees was able to raise funds to create a Reflection Garden in their memory.  The centerpiece of the Garden is a stone with a dedication to Mary Ann and Alice. The brick surround includes the names of all the directors of the John Woolman Memorial from 1915 to today and names of some of the friends who helped us create this space.  There are also two beautiful teak benches at the site.

It is our hope that this garden will serve as a quiet place for people to come and sit and enjoy a peaceful retreat to reflect where they can share nature’s beauty. 

We are so grateful to Mary Ann and Alice for their contributions and we are also grateful to the friends who helped us make this dream a reality.

Please come and visit the John Woolman Memorial and the Reflection Garden at 99 Branch Street, Mount Holly, New Jersey.