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Meetinghouse Renovation Updates

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The Building and Grounds Committee (B&G) has spent considerable time over the past two years considering how to improve Meetinghouse accessibility and also make other much needed improvements to our facilities.

After prayerful consideration about how to best provide people of all ages and capabilities access to the life of the meeting, the committee concluded that it would be wise to consider the issues of accessibility to toilets and between levels in the context of the building as a whole and not as isolated projects. The Meeting authorized hiring an architect to prepare a master plan for the Meetinghouse that would address a range of identified building issues.

Since the fall of 2017, the Building and Grounds Committee prepared a detailed program statement outlining the facility needs of the meeting; worked with an architect to explore ways to solve key problems or deficiencies; and also explored the feasibility of solving facilities issues through relocation. Much of this work occurred behind the scenes.

*We now invite you to join in this process (see schedule of upcoming information sessions below). Before attending a session, we hope you will take time review the information B&G has compiled in preparation for a wider discussion with the Meeting community:

1) Renovation or Relocation: A report by Building and Grounds (9/8/2018)
     Part 1: Background Information
     Part 2: Alternate Sites Report
     Part 3: Description of proposed changes depicted in the Renovation Concept Drawings (Master Plan)

2) Concept Drawings: Architect’s Floor Plans shown as Phase 1 and Phase 2 (9/8/2018)

For additional details, see:

3) MMM Program Statement (1/5/2018): A comprehensive description of concerns and goals for the Meetinghouse, not intended to convey a solution, but to be the starting point for an architect to create a master plan for the Meetinghouse.

4) MMM Room Data Sheets (1/5/2018): An addendum to the Program Statement developed to describe the current spaces in the Meetinghouse, how they function, and what room sizes and relationships would better serve our needs.

*If you can't make it to a session, you can watch the 35-minute video of Rick's presentation here:


Sept 16, 1:00 pm First Day, Meeting Room — Information session on building options: presentation of preliminary renovation plans and the alternate site report; questions/concerns

Sept 23, 9:45 am First Day, Gathering — Information session on building options (repeat of Sept 16 session)

Sept 27, 7 pm Thursday, Meetinghouse — Information session on building options (repeat of Sept 16 and 23 sessions)

These information sessions will be followed by further consideration at MfB and discernment at threshing sessions in October. See tentative timetable in the B&G Report (#1 above)

Contact Building and Grounds Committee: [email protected]