Friends General Conference

Together we nurture the spiritual vitality of Friends
A monthly meeting of the Religious Society of Friends.

Wednesday Evening Meeting for Worship

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Wednesday evening meetings begin with a Discussion Group activity from 7 till 8 pm, followed by Silent Worship from 8 to 8:45.  The topics and activities of the Discussion Group vary according to a regular schedule tied to the particular week of the month.

The first Wednesday of the month is a Potluck and Poetry Night, participants are invited to bring a dish and a written source of inspiration to share.

The second Wednesday we engage in Quaker Dialogues, in which participants have the opportunity to quietly consider and then respond to verbal queries designed specifically to help individuals explore their spirituality at a deep level and become more closely acquainted with the others in the group in an on-going process.  Participants have commented that the Quaker Dialogues have been a richly fulfilling experience.

The third Wednesday, we enjoy music,  either a favorite recording to play for the group and discuss, or community singing, a study on chanting, or the live performance of soothing guitar music. The fourth Wednesday is a book discussion.  We have explored Parker Palmer’s A Hidden Wholeness and Christopher Goodchild’s  Unclouded by Longing:  Meditations on Autism and Being Present in an Overwhelming World.

If there is a fifth Wednesday or the need for a backup topic, we have a collection of quotations by Tolstoy on hand.  Often when visitors attend, a discussion ensues that introduces Quakerism.  Past activities that may be repeated at some point have included special speakers and a study of the Wheel of Non-Violence.

 You’re going to like this! There’s a trained therapy dog on the premises, a truly Quakerly canine named Henry Thoreau-Nelson who sometimes adds his ministry.

(Check the Meetinghouse Calendar for each week’s topic.)

You’re welcome to bring your supper even if it’s not Potluck Night