Friends General Conference

Nurturing faith and Quaker practice
A monthly meeting of the Religious Society of Friends.

Midweek Meeting for Worship

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Wednesday evening meetings begin with a Discussion Group activity from 7 till 8 pm, followed by Silent Worship from 8 to 8:45.  The topics and activities of the Discussion Group vary according to a regular schedule tied to the particular week of the month. (Check the Meetinghouse Calendar for each week’s topic.)

Meetings are held in the Woolman Room except Potluck which is in the Little House kitchen

Topics include Potluck and Poetry when participants are encouraged to read a poem or quotation they find inspiring. The group does the same thing with a selection of music, either vocal or instrumental.  In recent months, we've had a monthly book discussion of A Hidden Wholeness by the Quaker writer Parker Palmer.  And once monthly we engage in Quaker Dialogues, in which participants have the opportunity to quietly consider and then respond to verbal queries designed specifically to help individuals explore their spirituality at a deep level and become more closely acquainted with the others in the group in an on-going process.

Participants have commented that the Quaker Dialogues have been a richly fulfilling experience.