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LOFM Representative Report of South Central Yearly Meeting 2018

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Representative Report of the South Central Yearly Meeting 2018

Just under 160 souls attended South Central Yearly Meeting between March 29 & April 1, 2018 in Bruceville, Texas.  

As Live Oak Friends Meeting Representative to South Central, I conveyed LOFM memorial minutes of June Bray, Jann Barr, and Pam Hunter and shared in the joint LOFM+Caddo Worship Group birth announcement of Gustav Drexler. I thank Claude Jager-Rubinson & Betty Drexler helping me with the reading of Pam’s minute and Gustav’s announcement.

Our own Bayou Quarterly had the first of two years program oversight choosing this year an emphasis on music under the theme: “Lift Hearts and Spirits to the Light”  

Our yearly meeting accepted the invitation to clerk the Friends General Conference gathering for 2019 to be held in Grinnell, Iowa. Jane Houser and Jan Michael are co-clerking this event. Look to news of the challenges and opportunities to oversee the planning of this event 1000 miles from Houston during the week of Independence Day, 2019.

A bit closer to home, I intend to attend representative’s meeting in November 2018 which for the first time will be held in Camp Gilmont near Gilmer, Texas.  All members are invited to attend, as representative meeting is not limited to committee and meeting clerks.

Our South Central Yearly Meeting is set to be held for the 27th time in Greene Family Camp, Bruceville, Texas over April 18-21, 2019 Easter Weekend -- which will be our 57th Quaker gathering at the site counting both representative and yearly meetings.

Respectfully submitted,

Steve Miller

LOFM Representative to SCYM, April 4, 2018

Revised April 15, with suggestions at LOFM Meeting for Business