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Live Oak Friends Meeting Thanks Donors

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As our city and the surrounding areas begin to recover from Hurricane Harvey, we are grateful for the many donations and expressions of care and concern. We received donations from more than ninety individuals, Quaker Meetings and Friends Churches in many areas of the country. We are grateful that so many thought of us when there are so many needs in the world.

During a three day period, the Greater Houston area and parts of southeast Texas received between thirty and fifty-six inches of rain as Hurricane Harvey decayed into a tropical storm. In some places the water was relatively “clean” as creeks and bayous overflowed, but in others storm water was mixed with overflowing sewerage treatment plants and releases from reservoirs. Now in mid-November, media reports say that there are still 150,000 families displaced from their homes or rental units, with total damage estimates in the billions of dollars. The Friends Church in Friendswood, Texas, sustained some damage as did more than thirty of their members. We sent two work crews to Friendswood to help them “muck out” homes and made a major donation to their recovery fund.
Our buildings and property were undamaged, but three families in the meeting community lost cars or sustained damage to their homes. Your contributions helped them replace cars and get started with the repair process even before insurance paid its share.Our process charged our Finance Committee with accounting for and acknowledging contributions, while our Care and Concern Committee dealt with the distribution of funds. In the distribution process, we wanted to move as quickly as possible and provide funds where small amounts could have the greatest impact as well as address unmet needs or under-served populations. Those organizations with links to their websites are listed below.
Again we are extremely grateful to all who contributed and who expressed concern for our well-being.

Friendswood Friends Church

Altruist Relief

West Street Recovery, Houston

Mama Rosie’s Feed the Hungry 

Hurricane Harvey Community Relief Foundation of the Texas Organizing Project (TOP)

Southeast Texas Food Bank, Beaumont

Transgender Foundation of American

Best Friends Animal Society