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How to sign up for website access and update your profile

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Because we moved hosts and platforms, old logins and passwords DO NOT work on the new website.  It is necessary to set up a new login with, the “parent” of the Quaker Cloud.  When you set up that login, you have the option to enter your contact information and check a box that says “list in directory."

1.  Creating your log in for the first time,

            a.  click on “sign up for on line meeting access” big green button on upper left, then on next screen click on “Request to Join This Online Meeting”  and follow the directions.  Be sure to click on “create new account” at the very end.

            b.  You will get an email from to create your password, after that is done, a message will go to Clerk of Meeting that you have requested access and need to be approved.   

            c.  You will get an email saying you have been approved.  At this point you have access to the password protected parts of the main website, provided you log in.

            d. To log in, click on the small green “log in” on the upper right corner and fill in your user name and password, respond to the recaptcha, and click “log in”

2.  Updating your profile in the directory if you already have a log in

            a.  Log in

            b.  Click on your name to go to your profile, then click “edit”

            c.  There are two sections, “account” which includes email, password, picture  if you want to upload one, and contact information if you want the website to contact you about any comments on posts, and “profile information” where you will find address, phone number, whether you want to be listed in directory, and even a volunteer profile where you can list your skills and interests.

            d.  Be sure to click save at the bottom of the page before leaving the page if you made any changes

            e. There is an annoying button that pops up whenever you move between "accounts" and "profile information" asking if you really want to leave the page.  Just click "leave page."  It is there as a reminder to hit save at the bottom of the page whenever you make any changes