Friends General Conference

Together we nurture the spiritual vitality of Friends
a Quaker Community in Lansdowne, Pennsylvania

Meeting for Learning Schedule 2019-20

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Unless otherwise noted Meeting for Learning is held in the meetinghouse after Meeting for Worship at 11:30am. Everybody is invited to attend.

Meeting for Learning Schedule 2019-20

  • Jan 5  - Ed Dreby (Providence MMM) and Steve Olshevski (Radnor MM) will lead this MfL as part of their traveling ministry. The discussion will include the following topics:
    • Why are Friends concerned about the Climate Crisis including reflections on Friends testimonies and a Green New Deal
    • New solutions for investing in Climate Change solutions
    • What we can do at the State level to address Climate Change
    • How real financial reform can help and how we can work with FCNL to begin necessary changes
  • Jan 26 – Quarterly Meeting
  • Feb 2 – Laura Matika will share about her experience in the Ecuadorian Amazon Rainforest and the work of the Pachamama Alliance.  Lots of photos!
  • Feb 23 – Gerry O’Sullivan - The crime of Poverty          In the era of extractive capitalism how have private prisons, local police forces, financial institutions and the bail industry connived to make prisoner and family misery pay dividends and create endless spirals of debt and seeming recidivism? Gerry O'Sullivan will lead a discussion of prisoner rights, debt peonage and the bail industry under carceral capitalism since the Ferguson, Missouri uprising.  Gerry has worked for many years as an advocate for prisoner rights and as a bail disruptor.
  • Mar 1 – Emma Lapsansky - "Let’s Talk Questions” Bring your questions about how/why Quakers are the way they are.
  • Mar 29 - Max Muenke will share his Spiritual Journey.