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June 2017: Message from the Presiding Clerk

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Quaker Committees

Quaker Committees

 At our conveners meeting, we asked a query about the purpose of a Quaker committee.  Here are some of the reflections in the notes that I took.  Inspired by last Friday night’s poetry reading, I tried to write them as haikus. 

The manner of Friends.

Start with centering silence.

It is ministry.


Discerning Spirit.

Light Within from each of us.

Growing together.


Each is invited.

You are part of the body.

Thank you for service.


Things need to get done.

But the work seems so hard.

We can still have fun.


Share with each other.

A blessed community.

Create as a whole.


Prepare the business.

Carryout sense of meeting.

Quaker committees.