November 2017 Calendar

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Kennett Friends Meeting Calendar


November 2017

Kennett Friends Meeting Calendar

November 4 Men’s Breakfast

8 am at Creekside Diner (a/k/a West Side Diner).

First Saturday of every month- join us for fellowship & good food.

Daylight Savings Ends- Sunday morning, Nov. 5

Time to turn your clocks back (officially at 3 am)

Everyone should be well-rested and on time this Sunday. (ha!)

November 5

Family Sunday

9:30 Adult Class - Quakerism 401, led by Kevin Arnold.

FDS: Apple Pie Baking!  

11:00 am  Worship

Fellowship & refreshments

November 12

9:30 am Meeting for Business

First Day School: Flip-flop class. We will play games at 9:30, and at 11 children will learn why Everyone Needs a Rock.

11:00 am  Worship

November 19

9:30 am  Adult Class discussion: Gratitude & the Thank You Project, led by Sheila Tekavec

FDS Field Trip - Rock hunting at Ashland Nature Center

10:45 am  Gathering

11:00 am  Worship

Happy Thanksgiving!

November 26

9:30 am  Adult Class discussion & FDS

10:45 am  Gathering

11:00 am  Worship