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Meeting for Worship

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Our worship is rooted in the central Quaker belief that the Divine, that of God, the Inner Light is present in and available to each of us.  We gather each Sunday, and at other times as called, and wait for the Spirit to be revealed.  Our worship is "unprogrammed," meaning that we worship in silent, expectant waiting. When someone feels led to share a message, it is received in the gathering silence. We close our worship by shaking hands and exchanging greetings.


Meeting for Worship for the Conduct of Business

Kalamazoo Friends Meeting meets monthly (except August) to consider matters of business. Consistent with the Quaker premise that right decision making is rooted in the leading of the Spirit, and that such leading may be revealed through any individual, Meetings for Business are worshipful gatherings to which listening and discernment are central. Decisions are made only when a clear ‘sense of the Meeting’ is achieved. This can mean a longer process of laboring with an issue, but typically results in better decisions and a closer community.


“Are Meeting decisions directed by prayerful consideration of all aspects of an issue and are difficult problems considered carefully with patient search for truth, unhurried by the pressures of time?”     Philadelphia Faith and Practice