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Required COVID-19 Safety Restrictions

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The Meetinghouse will be open and available for First Hour and Worship on Sundays from 9:00 a.m.-12:00 noon, with safety restrictions and parameters in place.

These protocols are outlined in the PDF document linked above and in the list below. Please be familiar with them before considering in-person attendance.

For further information about COVID-19, consider reading the CDC's Considerations for Events and Gatherings.

  • Any individual considering attendance will self-monitor their physical
    health and will refrain from attending if experiencing any symptoms of
  • All in attendance will be thoroughly masked at all times that they are
  • Point of entry for the Meetinghouse will be through the upstairs, east
    foyer, and all activity (including restroom use) will be restricted to the
    upstairs level. The resident’s apartment will be avoided given the
    resident’s high risk status relative to the virus.
  • Social distancing of more than 6 feet will be observed at all times by all
    individuals other than family groups that are co-habiting. In order to
    maintain appropriate distancing, the equivalent of at least 5 chair widths
    will be left between each individual or co-habiting group in attendance.
  • The care and oversight of any children in attendance will be the sole
    responsibility of their accompanying adult(s).
  • Total occupancy must not exceed 14 individuals. It is assumed that if
    more than 14 arrive for First Hour or Worship, those present will come to
    a resolution that assures that maximum occupancy limits are not
  • Meeting for Worship and First Hour in the Meetinghouse will continue to
    be linked via Zoom to those participating remotely, consistent with
    processes established for the patio during the summer.