Child Refugee Advocacy Letter

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This letter may be used or copied by anyone for support and advocacy for child refugees and their families.

Humboldt Friends Meeting
P.O. Box 4786
Arcata, CA 95519
06 October 2014
Dear President Obama:
As you are well aware, the humanitarian crisis on our southern border has burgeoned with tens of thousands of young people, children, and mothers arriving due to the violence and extreme poverty in their communities. Imagine your children or grandchildren being subject to such violence that you would take the chance to send them traveling a treacherous route alone with only a 50-50 chance of making it to safety. Imagine not only the desperation but also the perseverance, judgment, and strength of each of these young people.
Are not these young people and families this generation’s “huddled masses yearning to be free”?
The solution is not complex. In fact, acting from the best of our nation’s values and ideals, we can recognize these young people as the refugees that they are.
We can provide shelter, care and education as well as processing each mother and child fully and methodically, with legal assistance, through the immigration system.
We can also encourage the Mexican government to provide similar compassionate treatment for these young travelers, and we can support nonprofit organizations in Mexico which are trying to help these children and families.
We can encourage and support the children’s countries of origin in reducing the oppressive violence and assist in upgrading their educational systems.
We must start by raising the standards of our own behavior, joining with others who know how to take on the problems, and leading those who are fearful of these young people and families into greater understanding.
As Quakers we accept that we are all capable of generosity of spirit and we know that history honors those who can rise to these occasions with intelligent kindness and sound, compassionate decisions.
Please support legislation and administrative initiatives that protect these children. Please oppose legislative efforts to eliminate laws under which these children are being sheltered in our country
With fervent hope,
Humboldt Friends Meeting