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Religious Education

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Godly Play

Religious Education for Young Friends (First Day School)

After children leave the Meeting for Worship, they are divided into four age groups for classes with an experienced teacher and an assistant.  

Infants and toddlers age 3 and under go to the nursery room where they have a chance to play creatively with a caring adult.  

Children in preschool or kindergarten through Grade 4 participate in a group class, using the Godly Play curriculum.  This curriculum focuses on creative storytelling of Biblical stories, as well as stories illustrating Quaker history and faith.

Children in Grades 5 through 8 meet in the cabin to learn and discuss Bible stories and Quaker history in greater depth, placing these stories in context.

High School age Friends go to a local resturant with two adult Friends to have a light breakfast and discuss ethical and religious issues of concern to them.