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Earthcare Witness Committee

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The Earthcare Committee is a venue for friends in unity with nature to come together to care for the earth.

We engage nature to enjoy its beauty, nurture our spirituality and to respond to threats to the environment.

Twice a year we host a meeting for worship in nature. With speakers, film, and cooperation with environmental groups, we provide (continuing) educational opportunities, and opportunities for discussions of ways to make changes in ourselves and our world that make it a better place.

Promotes outreach and inclusion by:


Tabling on campus and at stewardship events;

Phase I
Host environmental groups at the meetinghouse;
Supply monthly updates on committee activities to the Newsletter editor. Share environmental events and stewardship opportunities on Facebook page.

Committee Members:

Jean Larson, Clerk

Gail Stallings, Asst. Clerk

Gene Beardsley

Shawna Doran

Dick Beardsley

June Beverly

Sara Humphrey