Friends General Conference

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Gainesville March / April 2019 Forums

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Two meeting members will be leading forums on subjects on which they 
have expertise. On March 31 Shawna Doran will present a forum on Haiti 
which she titles, 'Remember the Kids of Haiti.' Shawna will speak from 
her own experience in visiting Haiti and being touched by the people 
whom she met there. We will hear from Gefte "Jeff" Chery, the young man 
leading "Remember the Children of Haiti" project which has been helping 
with education for the very poor in Haiti. Shawna will bring her 
enthusiasm as well as information to enrich the meeting.

The following First Day, April 7, Jo Ann Lordahl will lead an 
interactive forum on the reading and writing of Poetry. If you have 
poems written by yourself or others which you would like to share, 
please bring them to read to the group. Jo Ann will be happy to share 
some of her own poetry but this is meant to be a participatory activity 
for poetry lovers (and would be lovers). The reading and writing of 
poetry is recognized as an avenue for reaching into the deeper levels of 
consciousness and expressing thoughts and feelings that are rarely 
communicated in ordinary exchanges. Perhaps this sharing will bring 
forth the poetry lying dormant within you.