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Forum: September 1, 2019: FCNL How to Influence Legislators

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Learn to maximize your influence. Learn FCNL suggestions you can take to make change. Get ideas for what works and what doesn’t. Hear personal stories. For example, Don says, 

"Today, thanks to the internet, I can type in and instantly see a range of possible ways in which FCNL can direct me. Let me leave most of them to your own exploration and focus on the section labeled ACT ONLINE ( Under the heading it says, “Find action alerts, members of Congress, voting records, and current legislation. These tools can help you act online or prepare for in-person meetings with Congress. There’s too much to condense here, but these are a few of the headlines:

Tell Congress: Stop Militarizing Law Enforcement

Reject Cruel Immigration Policies

Your Member of Congress Could Help Prevent War with Iran" 

Led by Don Smith with assistance from Peace and Social Concerns Committee


This Forum will begin after Social Hour on 9-1-19, at 1:00 and last for about an hour.