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Officers and Committees 2017-2018

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The business of Frederick Friends Meeting is conducted, with the guidance of the Spirit, by our officers and committees. This page describes what they do and who is currently holding these positions.

Last Updated: October 9, 2017


  • Carlotta Joyner, Clerk
  • Michele Hartley (am) & Kathy Funkhouser (pm), Co-Recording Clerks
  • Isaac Smith, Alternate Recording Clerk
  • Olivia Evans, Recorder
  • Greg Tobin, Treasurer
  • Lisa Fowler, Bookkeeper
  • Hank Rupprecht, Assistant Bookkeeper

Clerk of Meeting

The Clerk of the Meeting carries out the Meeting’s business affairs, as directed by the Meeting. The clerk convenes regular or specially called Meetings for Business; develops the agenda for those meetings in consultation with officers, committee clerks, and others; presides over deliberations at those meetings; and ensures that minutes are approved. At Meetings for Worship, the clerk opens and closes the meeting or makes sure that someone else takes on that responsibility.

Recording Clerk and Alternate Recording Clerk

The Recording Clerk takes minutes at Meetings for Business and Called Meetings and ensures that these are approved by those present at the meetings, signed by the Clerk and Recording Clerk, and given to the Recorder for archiving. The Recording Clerk also provides an electronic version of the minutes to the web administrator. The Alternate Recording Clerk assumes the duties of the Recording Clerk when asked to do so by the Clerk of Meeting or the Recording Clerk.


The Recorder maintains the permanent records of the Meeting and sees that these are periodically removed to Swarthmore Friends Library for storage.


The Treasurer is responsible for the custody and disbursement of the funds of the Meeting, as directed by the Meeting. The Bookkeeper assists in the work of the Treasurer.


  • Gail Whitehead (Clerk)
  • Helen Tasker
  • open
  • Clerk of Meeting (ex officio)
  • Treasurer (ex officio)

The Trustees serve as the legal representatives of the Meeting in matters of property and assets. They hold title and execute legal business on behalf of the Meeting.


First Day School Committee

  • Susanna Laird (Clerk)
  • Jim Wagner (Teacher)
  • Greg Tobin (Teacher)
  • Betsy Tobin (Teacher)

Under Care of First Day School Committee

  • Soup Kitchen Coordinator: Jason Laird

The First Day School Committee is responsible for guiding the educational activities for children on First Day (Sunday) and youth experiences of Meeting.

Ministry and Counsel Committee

  • Isaac Smith (Clerk)
  • Carol Ahlum
  • Yarrow First-Hartling
  • Kathy Funkhouser
  • Helen Tasker
  • Betsy Tobin
  • Julie Odland

Under Care of Ministry and Counsel Committee

  • Web Administrator: Olivia Evans
  • Social Media: Isaac Smith
  • Ministerial Association Liaison: Katie Bliss
  • Quarterly Meeting Liaison: open

The Ministry and Counsel Committee is concerned with nurturing ministry and worship within the Meeting, caring for members’ needs and spiritual wellbeing, and supporting prison ministry.

Nominating Committee

  • Helen Tasker (Clerk)
  • Ethan Bliss
  • Tori Bolton

The Nominating Committee identifies and recommends to the Meeting those who are willing to fill the positions of service to the Meeting: officers, administrative staff, Meeting representatives to other groups, and committee members and clerks. The committee also maintains a record of Meeting-approved responsibilities of those who serve the Meeting in these capacities.

Peace and Social Concerns

  • Ann Payne (Co-Clerk)
  • Annette Breiling (Co-Clerk)
  • Jim Wagner
  • Ian Tasker
  • Eleanor Milligan
  • Jim Carpenter
  • Annette Breiling
  • Lynda Osborne
  • Ben Swet
  • Gabrielle  Bains
  • Julia Lockett

The Peace and Social Concerns Committee encourages the expression of Friends’ concerns on peace, justice, social and environmental issues in the greater community and facilitates the process of corporate witness in these areas.

FCNL Liaison

  • Dat Duthinh

Program Committee

  • Karen Lockett (Clerk)
  • Michelle Hartley
  • Anne Rill
  • JoAnn Coates-Hunter

Program Committee initiates and plans social and community building programs.

Property Committee

  • Deborah McCoy
  • Lisa Fowler
  • Bob Hanson
  • Mike Netzer
  • Nick Funkhouser

Under Care of Property Committee

  • Work Crew: Nick Funkhouser (Bush Creek Cemetery), Stephen Lockett (Bush Creek Cemetery), Carol Ahlum, Ethan Bliss, Bob Hanson
  • Calendar Coordinator: Katie Bliss
  • Housekeeping Coordinator: Jason Laird
  • Tenant Liaison: Lisa Fowler

The Property Committee prepares and maintains the indoor and outdoor areas of the Meeting House to meet the spiritual and physical needs of the Frederick Monthly Meeting today and in the future.

Stewardship and Finance Committee

  • Annette Breiling
  • Chris Elbich
  • Karen White
  • Treasurer (ex officio)

Under Care of Stewardship and Finance Committee

  • Camping Scholarship Coordinators: Tori Bolton, Betsy Tobin
  • Yard Sale Coordinators: Lisa Fowler, Nick Funkhouser, Eleanor Milligan
  • Service Auction Coordinators: open

The Stewardship and Finance Committee is charged with financial oversight of the Meeting. This includes encouraging contributions and monitoring the Meeting's accounts.