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Adult Scholarships Guidelines and Application Form

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Frederick Friends Meeting has established a budget line for scholarship funds available for adults who would like to attend events or programs that will help deepen their faith and commitment to the Religious Society of Friends. Examples may include retreats, workshops, classes, and conferences (e.g., Baltimore Yearly Meeting, Friends General Conference). This scholarship is not intended for tuition toward a degree. Please read through the following guidelines for eligibility, complete the attached application form, and email it to [email protected] prior to registration, ideally at least 4-6 weeks prior to the event. Ministry and Counsel Committee will consider your request and may provide a percentage of the total cost.

Guidelines for Eligibility

1) Priority consideration will be extended to individuals who are known to Frederick Friends Meeting by participating in the life of the Meeting, including:

  • Attending Meeting for Worship
  • Attending Meeting for Worship for the Purpose of Business
  • Participating in an FFM committee
  • Helping at fall or spring work days, yard sale, or service auction
  • Attending the annual FFM Spring Retreat or Fall Festival
  • Participating in a Meeting book group
  • Teaching or participating in FFM First Day School
  • Helping with Soup Kitchen

Although it would be rare that any one person will participate in all of the above activities, priority will be extended to those who participate in multiple activities.

2) Meeting would like to learn about the scholarship recipient’s experience after the event. This feedback may take the form of a brief written piece for the FFM website or listserv, a written or oral report at Meeting for Worship for the Purpose of Business or at the rise of Meeting on a Sunday morning. Please submit reflections about the experience within a month following the event.