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Meeting for Business January 2019

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Minutes Details: 

Frederick Friends Meeting

Meeting for Worship for the Conduct of Business

First Month, 13thDay


Opening Worship


In attendance were Dat Duthin, Annette Breiling, Karen Lockett, Michele Hartley, Betsy Tobin


2019-01-01 – Recorder’s Report– Accepted report is attached.


There was some discussion about “removing” people from the roster when they age out of being an Associate Member. Perhaps we could create a category of “inactive” rather than removing people from the Roster of Meeting. This is referred to Ministry and Council for further discernment.


2019-01-02 – Peace and Social Concerns– Accepted report is attached.


Clarifying question regarding the scope of P&SC work and the relationship between the vast scope of the work with meeting as a whole. “Are we working on behalf of Meeting, or are we doing our own thing?” This reiterates a question that has arisen before and continues to need light as we move forward.


There was discussion about immigration concerns. The Baltimore Yearly Meeting Minute on Immigration is attached as a note of reference for future discernment on the topic.


2019-01-03 – Stewardship and Finance– Report on the discussion about a line item for Friend’s Schools scholarship. There was not unity to move forward with this proposal. The lack of unity was painful for some in light of the fact that we provide scholarship for other Quaker Programs. A tender discussion followed.



We minute our appreciation for the committees of FFM for the deep work they tend to on our behalf.


We minute our appreciation for our Facebook presence.


We closed with worship.





Betsy Tobin

Appendix 1

2019 Recorder Annual Report

Presenting member and attender statistics as of December 31, 2018

Presented on January 13, 2019

During the year of 2018, Frederick Friends Meeting has increased adult membership to a total of 61 Adult Members (from 60 in 2017). The number of Associate Members remained at 16.

61 Adult Members

16 Associate Members (all under age 25)

33 Adult Attenders

9 Additional attenders who are under 19, attending with parents 

New Adult Members (by convincement): 0

New Adult Members (transferred in): 1

Steve White

New Associate Member: 1

            First-Hartling Smith, Rose

Associate Member removed upon 25thBirthday: 1

            Sarah Tasker

Member Transfers (transferred out): 0

Released: 0

Marriages: 0

Deaths: 0

2018 Members List (Log)

  1. Ahlum, Carol
  2. Bliss, Ethan L.
  3. Bliss, Katie
  4. Bolton, Victoria (Tori)
  5. Breiling, Annette
  6. Broadbent, Richard
  7. Brooks, Jennifer
  8. Caviness, Emily
  9. Chamberlain, Martin
  10. Chapman, Norma
  11. Clarke, Emily
  12. Clarke, Ian
  13. Coates-Hunter, JoAnn 
  14. Darnell, Katherine (Kat)
  15. Darnell, Katrina
  16. deVeer, Sue
  17. Donatucci, Kathrin (Kathi)
  18. Evans, Olivia 
  19. Fetter Kellett, Lizzie 
  20. First-Hartling, Yarrow 
  21. Ford, Mary Ann
  22. Fowler, Chris
  23. Fowler, Lisa
  24. Fridie, Janice
  25. Funkhouser, Kathryn (Kathy)
  26. Funkhouser, Tara
  27. Hanson, Robert L. (Bob)
  28. Herz, Lillian
  29. Huebner, Dan
  30. Hunter, David
  31. Jones, Michael
  32. Joyner, Carlotta C.
  33. Kanegis, Aura
  34. King, Michael
  35. Lockett, Karen
  36. McCoy, Deborah
  37. Megginson, Jane
  38. Miller, April
  39. Milligan, Eleanor
  40. Morrison, Paul
  41. Mortenson, Solveig
  42. O'Rear, Grady
  43. Odland, Julie
  44. Osborne, Lynda
  45. Payne, Ann
  46. Rill, Anne
  47. Roberts, Paula
  48. Rosvold, Daniel (Danny)
  49. Rosvold, Eva
  50. Ruud, Kathryn
  51. Smith, Isaac S. 
  52. Stapleton, Frances
  53. Swet, Benjamin (Ben)
  54. Tasker, Helen
  55. Tobin, Elizabeth (Betsy)
  56. Tobin, Gregory (Greg)
  57. White, Karen
  58. White, Steve
  59. Whitehead, Gail
  60. Williams, Alan
  61. Williams, Frances (Francy


2018 Associate Members Log

  1. Bliss, Aidan                                          
  2. Bliss, Noah                                          
  3. Clark, Gabriel                                      
  4. Clark, K J                                              
  5. Clark, Nora                                          
  6. Clark, Tian                                           
  7. First-Hartling Smith, Robinson
  8. First-Hartling Smith, Rose       
  9. Handy-Kanegis, Kai Byrd                     
  10. Handy-Kanegis, Zola Ardea                 
  11. Huebner, Thomas                               
  12. Hunter, Sadie                                      
  13. Hunter, Sam                                        
  14. Tasker, Miriam                                    
  15. Zimmerman, Grace                             
  16. Zimmerman, Max


Transfer of Records to Friends Historical Library at Swarthmore

No records were transferred in 2018.

Respectfully submitted,

Olivia Evans


Appendix 2

Brief Report from FFM's Peace and Social Concerns Committee (P&SC)

January 2019


Peace and Social Concerns Committee asks FFM members and attenders to be mindful of several actions to consider, all engaging our meeting at this time.


1. P&SC is actively engaging with immigration and sanctuary issues. Hearing great concern in the meeting, we have a number of people investigating and researching current and possible actions in Frederick County, in Quaker and interfaith groups and elsewhere. Our aim is to be thoroughly informed on sanctuary and immigration issues in order to propose (an) effective role(s) for Frederick Meeting in addressing these issues. Timely reports will follow.


2. P&SC initiated a simple Frederick Meeting humanitarian project. A number of FFM'ers are knitting and/or crocheting 9" washable yarn squares to be joined into a quilt. In March, the quilt will be donated to Morehead State University's Bed-in-a Box program. The program provides beds and bedding to very poor Appalachian children in eastern Kentucky's coal country. These children lack simple comforts that we take for granted. 


3. P&SC agreed to support the Multi-faith Alliance of Climate Stewards' (MACS) spring program of planting 1000 trees in Frederick County. Trees help mitigate climate dangers by sequestering carbon, preventing soil erosion, protecting streams, buffering severe weather and more. FFM participants will join 40-person teams drawn from various faiths. Teams will assemble from 2-4pm on March 31 and/or April 7 to plant the trees. This program is organized with Stream Links, which provides trees and digs the holes. Details will follow.


4.  We are just wrapping up planning for the annual celebration of Martin Luther King Jr. at the MLK Beloved Community Potluck Supper. This event, which our Meeting cohosts with a number of other churches and human rights organizations will be held on January 21, 6-8:30 pm at Trinity United Methodist Church on West Patrick Street, Frederick.  Please support this community-building work by attending and bringing a friend.


Appendix 3

BYM Peace & Social Concerns Committee

Immigrants, Refugees, Sanctuary Working Group

Minute approved by BYM Interim Meeting on October 20, 2018


            We, the Baltimore Yearly Meeting of the Religious Society of Friends, agree to work for the just treatment of immigrants, migrants, refugees and asylum seekers.  We call on Friends to become active in local immigrant rights networks and help implement the Sanctuary Everywhere movement as proposed by the American Friends Service Committee (“AFSC”).  Together, we affirm our commitment to protect targeted communities from state violence and discrimination. 



Background for the Minute

Our Quakertestimonies on equality and peace speak to the current refugee crisis worldwide. We recognize that war, civil conflict, economic inequality and climate change are primary factors driving more than 65 million people from their homes. (See United Nations refugee reports at displaced people are the faces of internationalinjustice.  We believe there is that of God in every person and advocate for a humane immigration policy that is welcoming to those facing adversity. We support a pathway to citizenship for those who have lived in the U.S. for many years.


Friends helped to found the Sanctuary movement in the 1980’s that provided a safe place for refugees fleeing the wars in Central America.  TheNew Sanctuary Movement calls people of Faith to “provide support and solidarity to neighbors, friends and families who fear being detained, deported and/or profiled.” AFSC’s Sanctuary Everywhereinitiative asks “everyday people to work together to keep each other safe and protect targeted communities from state violence.” Friends are asked to “create safe, inclusive spaces for immigrants, people of color, Muslims and other targeted religious groups, or LGBTQ people” and become more effective allies. (See


Suggested Action steps         

Support the call of Friends Committee on National Legislation (FCNL”- to Congress:

  • Reject increased funding on immigration detention centers whose practices are harmful to migrant parents, women and children and tear families apart
  • Pass a CLEAN Dream Act that allows eligible youth brought to the U.S as children a path to citizenship and other legislation that provides a solution for Temporary Protected Status (“TPS”) recipients who face losing status. (TPS long has been provided to those who fled environmental disasters, armed conflict and other adverse conditions that make it unsafe to them to return to their country of origin.) 
  • Maintain a refugee admissions goal of at least 75,000 annually and support the U.N. Declaration of Human Rights’ refugee resettlement goals consistent with our nation’s size and economic strength.
  • Freeze funding for Immigration and Customs Enforcement (“ICE”) which operates inside the country and Customs and Border Protection (“CBP”) which patrols the border, and invest in an oversight system that provides the right to counsel, due process and humane treatment for all.