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Meeting for Business January 2018

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Frederick Friends Meeting

723 N. Market St. | Frederick, Maryland 21701

Minutes from First Month 2018

Meeting for Worship with a Concern for Business

Frederick Friends Meeting met in worship with a concern for business on January 21, 2018 at noon. Present were: Ethan Bliss, Annette Breiling, Chris Elbich, Olivia Evans, Nick Funkhouser, Deborah McCoy, Eleanor Milligan, Julie Odland, Betsy Tobin, Greg Tobin, Jim Wagner.  Carlotta Joyner served as Clerk of Meeting and Kathy Funkhouser served as Recording Clerk.  

The Meeting began with a brief period of silent worship, out of which the Clerk read the following queries on membership and worship together:

Queries for January:  Community and Family Life

  • Are love and harmony within the Meeting community fostered by a spirit of open sharing?
  • What helps our Meeting build trust of one another?
  • How do our conflicts have the potential to enrich the life of our community?
  • How does the Meeting support families of all kinds in their attempts to improve communication, family life, and the rearing of children in an atmosphere of love?

1/18—1: Annual Report from the Recorder, Olivia Evans

 Olivia presented the Recorder’s Annual report.  Olivia explained that Meetings within BYM are asked to report community statistics which are presented in her report.  This information will be forwarded to BYM along with additional information. (See Appendix I for the full report). 

Friends accepted this report.

1/18—2: Report from Nominating Committee, Ethan Bliss

Ethan presented the Nominating committee’s annual report.  Committee members are: Helen Tasker (clerk), Ethan Bliss and Tori Bolton. Committee responsibilities include identifying and proposing Friends to serve on committees and offices. The committee maintains the Roster of Service and makes appropriate and necessary changes to the Guidance for Offices and Committees Document. (See Appendix II for the full report.)

Friends accepted this report.

Ethan presented a second reading of the proposed changes to the Guidance Document based n feedback from last month’s business meeting. The document will be revised to reflect that it is the responsibility of the Recorder to maintain the Directory and to periodically distribute the updated directory.  The entire document will be made available electronically by next Meeting for Business.  Some hard copies will also be available.

Friends accepted this report, including the new changes, with deep gratitude for the work of the committee.

 Ethan brought forward a request that the Recording Clerk form an ad hoc search committee to identify possible candidates for joining the Nominating committee.  The Recording Clerk will request two members for this committee:  one each from Peace and Social Concerns Committee and Trustees.

Carlotta presented Nominating Committee’s request for approval of Ethan Bliss as a Trustee.

Friends approved this request.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                        

1/18—3: Report from Property Committee, Deborah McCoy

Deborah reported that Property Committee no longer has a clerk, the members will work as a team with a committee email that will be used to reach them around property matters.

Deborah reported that Constellation Energy would like to list FFM as a customer in their brochure. Meeting approved having our organization listed with Constellation Energy.  They also asked if meeting wanted a link to our website included.  Friends found unity on having a link, with one Friend standing aside (Nick Funkhouser).

Deborah also told meeting that Property Committee has considered the views expressed at the threshing session regarding air conditioning for the meeting room. The committee is still researching the options, including expanding the area to be cooled to include the entire north side of the building. The committee was asked when they will have a recommendation for Business Meeting.  The response indicated that it will not be in February, and that the committee had no time line in mind. (See Appendix III.)

Friends accepted this report

1/18—4: Ministry and Counsel Adult Scholarship Policy, Julie Odland

 Julie presented the draft policies for awarding adult scholarship funds. (See Appendix IV.) A form has been developed from the eligibility form for camp scholarships. Several additions and changes were considered.  The form is to be considered a draft and refinements will be made to the document.

Friends accepted this document with appreciation.

Closing announcements

The next Meeting for Business will be at noon on February 11.  Agenda: reports from Stewardship and Finance and Ministry and Counsel committees; annual report from FCNL Liaison, Dat Duthinh


Kathy Funkhouser, Recording Clerk ______________________ 

Carlotta Joyner, Clerk of Meeting ______________________



  1. Annual Recorder Report
  2. Nominating Committee Report
  3. Property Committee Report
  4. Adult Scholarship Policy

Note: See Attached PDF file for full report including appendices