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Meeting for Business February 2018

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Frederick Friends Meeting

723 N. Market St. | Frederick, Maryland 21701

Minutes from Second Month 2018

Meeting for Worship with a Concern for Business

Frederick Friends Meeting met in worship with a concern for business on February 11, 2018 at noon. Present were: Carol Ahlum, Annette Breiling, Chris Elbich, Karen Lockett, Isaac Smith, Jim Wagner.  Carlotta Joyner served as Clerk of Meeting and Kathy Funkhouser served as Recording Clerk. 

The Meeting began with a brief period of silent worship, out of which the Clerk read the following queries on Outreach:

Queries for February: Outreach

  • How does my life witness to my Quaker faith?
  • In what ways do I reach out to new attendees and encourage their exploration of the Quaker Way?
  • How does our meeting convey Quaker faith and practice to the wider community?
  • How can we encourage members, attenders, and all seekers to continue participating in the Meeting?

Out of the queries came a consideration of participation in meeting for business: why so few Friends participate in Meeting for Business.  Friends also reflected on the inclusion of children in all meeting activities.  The upcoming Junior Young Friends (JYF) conference to be held at Frederick Friends will be added to the weekly announcements.

2/18—1: Annual Report, Ministry and Counsel Committee

Ministry and Counsel annual report was presented by the committee clerk, Isaac Smith. Friends considered the report and one change to the content was asked for and accepted.  A discussion arose around the idea of reading a query each First Day rather than just once a month.  Friends spoke around the issue of how to make our Meeting more welcoming to new people not familiar with unprogrammed worship.  It was suggested that Friends re-visit the handout for those new to Meeting.  Another idea offered was the ‘Quaker in the corner’, someone designated to be available to answer any questions a new attender might have.  Friends accepted the report with gratitude for all the committee does.   (See Appendix I for the full report.)

Friends accepted this report.

2/18—2: Year-end Financial Report, Stewardship and Finance Committee, Annette Breiling

Led by generous donations in the last two months of the year, we finished 2017 with a surplus of $4,868. Overall contributions were down compared to previous years, but so was spending. Most significantly, Property, Camping Scholarships, and Utilities combined to total $5,473 less than budgeted.  We continue to be grateful for those renting the offices and the apartment as their contributions in rent make an enormous difference in our income.  In more good news, our long-term financial holdings at Pax and Friends Fiduciary had grown to approximately $109,000 primarily due to the strong growth of the stock market as of December 31, 2017.

Our budget for 2018 calls for donations to rise to $33,660 to meet an expanded budget. S&F members thank Friends for their contributions – monetary and otherwise – and remain optimistic for 2018.  (See Appendix II for the full report.).

Friends accepted this report.

2/18—3: Report from Peace and Social Concerns Committee, Annette Breiling

Annette informed meeting about three issues that the committee is considering.

* There has been a request from the BYM Right Relationships with Animals working group (under the Unity with Nature Committee) to come to our meeting with a presentation and vegan potluck.  The request was for an hour-long program, with Friends agreeing to a much shorter program, and possibly worship sharing.  Discussion arose and one Friend wondered if this issue was a priority for the committee, if it was relevant to the meeting at this time. Friends felt comfortable with a fifth First Day event and pot luck.

* Annette drew our attention to the extensive FFM list serve discussion on Styrofoam that was productive and enriching. 

* The 50th anniversary of Martin Luther King, Jr.’s death is approaching.  A rally is planned for April 4th.

Closing announcements 

The next Meeting for Business will be at noon on March 11.  Agenda: 1st reading of the Spiritual State of the Meeting report, Nominating Committee report and a report from the FCNL Liaison, Dat Duthinh.  



Kathy Funkhouser, Recording Clerk ______________________


Carlotta Joyner, Clerk of Meeting ______________________



  1. Annual Report, Ministry and Counsel
  2. Year-end Financial Report, Stewardship and Finance Committee

Note: See Attached PDF file for full report including appendices