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Remembering Maya Angelou

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Posted on behalf of Annette Brieling

Dear Friends and family,

Learning of her death today brought back memories of the year her grandchildren attended Friends Meeting School.  Because they went by a different last name, Johnson, we didn't know the connection till the tuition check arrived signed by Maya Angelou. at which time Alex let out a squeal.  That spring the children were performing at Barnes & Noble book store, directed by our wonderful Brenda, and their mother led me behind an aisle of books to introduce me to her where she was watching from her wheelchair, secluded a bit so as not to be seen by most of the families.  At the end of the program she called for me to come back to her again and she gave me an autographed small book titled, "Amazing Peace - a Christmas Poem"  Inside, she had signed, "Annette Breiling, Joy! Maya Angelou 5/2008."  That summer the parents split and moved out of state, so we were sorry not to have them back.

I just reread her poem and it is beautiful.

Annette Breiling


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