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Picnic for Peace 2016

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We had a good "indoor" picnic on Independence Day this year.  About 30 people were in attendance.  We held it indoors because of rain forecast.  The Title of the Picnic this year was "The American Melting Pot, Building Beloved Community Through Listening."  After and during a potluck lunch we went around the room and shared thoughts about peace, building MLK's Beloved Community here in Frederick, and personal experiences with community.  We were encouraged to listen to each other, and let others speak, which we did.  Many diverse perspectives were presented.  The group was so engaged that we ran over our scheduled closing time of 1:30 PM by about 15 minutes.  We sang a few peace songs at the end, with Jim Wagner on guitar.  Thanks to everyone who attended and contributed.  The Picnic was co-sponsored by Frederick Friends Meeting and the Frederick Peace and Justice Network.