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Memorial Minute for Brenda Broadbent

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Brenda Bernhards Broadbent

November 11, 1950 - November 18, 2017

Brenda Broadbent was a beloved and longstanding part of the Frederick Friends community. We have set down these words to testify to the workings of the Spirit in her life and to give thanks to God for the gift of her presence in our lives. — Ministry & Counsel Committee [approved at the June 2018 meeting for business]

Brenda was a warm and caring person who wore many hats in her life: teacher, librarian, entrepreneur, business owner, mentor, gardener, craftsperson. She was a wonderful wife to Richard, a beloved mother to Jane, and a friend to many.

With her discerning eye and generous spirit Brenda could transform the most mundane spaces into places of beauty, joy, and peace. She had a spectacular talent for using color and calligraphy to make art that spoke to people’s hearts and minds. Many Friends are blessed to have a piece of her art in their home, whether it be an inspirational message or their marriage certificate; all of them are treasures.

Brenda not only made art, but taught it with an equal level of talent. Even those with the clumsiest of fingers found pleasure and satisfaction in the act of creation with her assistance.

Brenda was always thinking of others, even in the midst of chemotherapy. She often took flowers, food or some other gift to the staff at Frederick Oncology Hematology Associates. When she was no longer able to do it herself, she directed the making of blueberry crisp so that her houseful of visitors were provided for. She carried this spirit of nurturing, quite literally, to her dying hour.

Brenda’s gifts were many, shared willingly and seemed to be exercised effortlessly. Those who crossed her path were welcomed and felt her love as if they were long lost friends.

We often come across gems in our lives. When we find them, we hold them dear to our hearts in hopes that their imprint on our lives will stay with us forever. We are glad to have known Brenda Bernhards Broadbent, who was one of these gems.