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Look more closely at your Carbon Footprint

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FRIENDS, You are invited to look more closely at your FOOT... PRINT !! That is your third footprint that is made up of carbon and threatens your kids’ future world and climate.

Whose inviting?....... Frederick Friends Property Committee, Frederick Friends Peace and Social Concerns and materials from https://unitywithnaturebym

When and Where..... Feb. 4th 2018, second hour 12:00 to 1:30 in the large meeting room of Fred.

There is HOMEWORK.... Friends who come are asked to fill out the footprint calculator at . This will give us all a common ground to talk about our lifestyles carbon foot print and hear ideas of what can be done to improve. The form takes about 15 to 25 minutes and requires information such at electrical use, transportation, income. Most of it you can simply get from your memory. There will be handouts and resource at the meeting.

Yes.. please RSVP...... We need to get a large number of friends to make this event informative. Please respond to Bob Hanson at his email.... [email protected]