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Frederick News-Post Article on Discussion of 287(g) Program at Frederick Friends Meetinghouse

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A discussion was held yesterday at the Frederick Friends Meeting house about the 287(g) program adopted by the Frederick County Sheriff’s Office.

The program, first implemented in Frederick in 2008, provides training for sheriff’s deputies by U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement. It allows deputies to inquire about the immigration status of anyone booked into the county’s adult detention center and begin deportation proceedings if appropriate. The agreement is up for renewal this month.

According to the Frederick Friends Meeting Facebook page the purpose of the discussion was to talk about the program’s impact on the immigrant community, “and steps we can take toward ending it [287(g)].”

Many at the meeting spoke about the fear the program instills within the immigrant community in Frederick, and that even those who are documented are afraid to go to the police with other issues such as abuse....