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Film screening of "Inequality for All" by Robert Reich was held on Feb. 27

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Annette Breiling speaking at the event

The Frederick Friends and the Frederick chapter of Health Care Is a Human Right cosponsored the film screening of Robert Reich's "Inequality for All." This film screenting was part of a Watch Party in which 700 groups, families, organizations and individuals watched the film across the country. Reich was available for call-in questions after the movie, and he left his audience with a positive message not to give up, not to divide the country, but to take certain steps that he said have been the keys to American prosperity in the past: invest in higher education, give hourly workers more power, raise the minimum wage to close the gap between the highest earners and lowest, use the power of elections.

This film screening was a follow-up event to the Martin Luther King, Jr. Beloved Community Potluck Dinner held on January 20, 2014. The event is intended to be part of a series of planned monthly community gatherings to promote the idea of the Beloved Community envisioned by Dr. King.