Friends General Conference

Together we nurture the spiritual vitality of Friends

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Meeting for Worship is held every Sunday morning at 10am. We gather in silence, taking time to center ourselves and quiet our thoughts. After we settle into the silence, if someone is moved to speak, they will stand and share their message, which is followed by more silence, as we let the message sink into our shared worship. Not every message will speak to everyone present, so we try to listen beyond the words to the spirit that inspired the message. We don’t offer direct responses to each other’s messages, however at times a message will spark a theme in people’s spoken ministry. In some meetings for worship, no one will speak, and we sit in worshipful silence. After about an hour, the meeting will end with a handshake.

In our community, we view everyone as a minister and our leadership operates on a rotating, volunteer basis, rather than having a paid pastor. Letting our lives speak is more important to us than agreement on a particular set of beliefs; we are theologically very diverse. We seek together for a closer connection to our sense of the Divine and for a way to live according to how we are led. The heart of our community is the shared meeting for worship.

After Meeting for Worship and announcements, we have fellowship, which is time for coffee, snacks and conversation.