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2020 Ninth Month

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Minutes Details: 

Fox Valley Friends Meeting for Business, September 13, 2020

APPROVED – 11/15/2020 

Present:  Katie B, T C, Carol C, Jim C, Lindsay D, Jill H, Reed H, Bob K, Tina M, FP, Mary K - Clerk 

Approval of Minutes:  Minutes from the May 17 meeting were approved for posting. 

Treasurer's Report:  Jim C reported we will need an additional $500 by the end of the year if we want to pay all of our budgeted contributions to Quaker organizations.  He will pay our bills first, then distribute contributions as we receive the means to do so. 

New Business. 

Request for Membership for Lindsay D:  Lindsay D read her letter requesting membership in Fox Valley Friends.  Carol C and Reed H volunteered to serve on her Clearness Committee and will schedule some time to meet with her.

Addressing Differences in Ideas among our Members:  We took turns sharing our responses to this query from NYM Faith and Practice, Chapter on Integrity:  How do meetings open themselves to receive words lovingly from a Friend who speaks from a place of integrity, even when that Friend challenges, confronts, or ministers to the meeting in a way that makes us uneasy?”   The value of respectful listening to diverse opinions from others was re-affirmed several times, along with the importance of  holding others in love and Light even when we have differences of thought. Reports from Coordinators of Work Projects. 

Ministry and Nurture:  Hayden is at Woodside Manor and can have visitors at certain times.  Bob will be celebrating his 90th birthday at the end of September.

First Day School:  There are no plans to resume FDS at this time.  We cannot use the small rooms at the Mauthe Center because of space issues related to Covid.

Care of Meeting for Worship:  Carol asked for feedback on how our blended in-person and Zoom Meetings for Worship are meeting everyone’s spiritual needs.  There is general satisfaction with the arrangement and acknowledgement that now more people are able to attend each week.  There are some technical issues related to hearing all of the speakers at the Mauthe Center.  We will work together to try to improve that. 

FCNL:  Bob reported he has not received any recent communications from FCNL. 

Communications:  FP will re-send a copy of the latest FVFM Contact List to everyone who is on the list. 

Respectfully submitted,

Mary K, Clerk