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2019 Fourth Month

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Minutes Details: 

Fox Valley Friends Meeting for Business, April 14, 2019

Present:  Carol C, Dan E, Jill H, Reed H, Tina M, Bob K, Mary K - Clerk

Approval of Minutes:  Minutes from the February 17 meeting were approved for posting.

Treasurer's Report:  Finances look good.  We will be paying quarterly rent to the Mauthe Center soon. 

New Business.

State of Society Report:  Members shared their impressions of the last year.  We are pleased that we have several new regular attenders.  Our sharing circle after the end of silence is helping us have deeper spiritual connection with each other.  Mary will draft an SOS report and send it out via e-mail for approval, so it can be sent in by May 1.  We will also collectively think about a song we can share at NYM that would represent our feeling of community which we feel is a good theme for our past year.

Adjusting MfB Schedule for Summer:  Our current schedule of having Meeting for Business every two months is working well in general, but we are on a pattern that puts two meetings into summer (June and August) when we used to have no MfB during the few months of summer we have here in Wisconsin.  Members agreed that we prefer not to have summer MfB.  We decided to forego summer MfB and have our next MfB in September.  If any business issues come up before then, we will call a special meeting.

Reports from Coordinators of Work Projects.

Ministry and Nurture:  Hayden is still recuperating from his surgery and appreciates phone calls or visits.  He is at Angel’s Touch.  Jim and Carol have been visiting him and Reed has called him. We discussed the possibility of having a mid-week Meeting for Worship and discussion at Angel’s Touch sometime in the future. We need to learn more about how it might work. Bob has contacted Dorothy and learned that she is doing better but doesn’t feel well enough to drive long distances.  Bob will continue to check in with her and see if anything can be done to help her get to Meeting.

First Day School:  Michael Brewer-Berres has been a regular helper in our FDS and the children are now comfortable with her and asking if she will be there each week.  Per our safety policy, Mary will talk to Michael about her interest in getting a background check done which would allow her to be an FDS lead teacher when needed.

WISDOM/JOSHUA/RUTH:  Bob reported that he will be attending a RUTH meeting on Tuesday and will have more information for us after that.

FCNL:  Bob reported that FCNL has not sent out any special legislative requests yet this month, but he will share what he receives with Mary who can send it out via e-mail to the group.

Monthly Potluck/Discussion:  Regular potluck attenders would like to continue our tradition of having social gatherings during summer with a focus on games rather than discussions.  The upcoming schedule is as follows:

-May 10 – Discussion of Simplicity chapter from NYM Faith and Practice

-June 7 – Social at Sheila’s home

-July 19 – Social at Sheila’s home

-August 16 – Social at Dan’s home

 Communications:  Reed has shared the Contact List and is waiting to hear if any updates are needed.

Outreach:  We are still looking for a new person to coordinate outreach events for FVFM.

Northern Yearly Meeting:  Registration is now open and on-line for both NYM Session and FGC.

NYM Annual Session will be May 24-27 at Lion’s Camp in Rosholt, Wisconsin.  We want everyone to be able to attend this event so you can write yourself whatever scholarship you need on the registration form.

Friends General Conference will be June 30-July 5 at Grinnell in Iowa.

Prison Ministry:  Tina has learned that the TV show “60 Minutes” has filmed an episode on a case of restorative justice that happened at Green Bay Correctional Institute.  Unfortunately, GBCI does not know when the episode will air.  If anyone learns of when it will be shown, please let Tina know.

Respectfully submitted,

Mary Klos, Clerk

With support from Tina M