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2018 Tenth Month

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Minutes Details: 

Fox Valley Friends Meeting for Business, October 14, 2018

FINAL – APPROVED December 9, 2018


Present:  Carol C, Jill H, Reed H, Bob K, Tina M, Mary K - Clerk


Approval of Minutes:  Minutes from the August 19 meeting were approved.  They were also approved for posting with a small edit to protect confidentiality of persons.


Treasurer's Report:  We have $700 in checking and all standard donations are paid.  We believe that we will be able to cover all of our budgeted donations by the end of the year with the continuation of expected giving.  Friends Journal has sent out a request for special funding.  Members approved sending a $100 donation to Friends Journal to help them continue their service to the Quaker community.


New Business.


Joint Meeting with Winnebago Worship Group:  We considered opportunities for joining in worship with WWG.  The following options were offered and approved:  1) Meet with them once or twice a year when they are worshipping near us.  Ask them to let us know when they will be near.  We would still want to have regular MFW at the Mauthe Center on those days.  2)  Encourage our members to visit them on an individual basis. 3) Invite them to join us.  In general, we do not want to forego a regular First Day meeting at the Mauthe Center because we occasionally get unexpected attenders who have travelled a long distance to be with us and we don’t want them to feel their efforts were in vain.


Reports from Coordinators of Work Projects.


Ministry and Nurture:  Hayden had back surgery at the end of September and is recovering at Odd Fellows Rehabilitation Center.  We do not know yet when he will be able to attend Meeting again.


First Day School:  Members are comfortable with the children joining them at any time during their adult sharing circle after Meeting for Worship.


Outreach:  We are still looking for a new person to coordinate outreach events for FVFM.


Mauthe Center:  Our library books have been gathered and returned to our bookcase.  Some of our other materials are stored on the bookshelves by the new fireplace.  People are encouraged to review the books on the “In Discernment” bookshelf before the end of the year.  We will ask our treasurer to buy ten new copies of the NYM Faith and Practice for our library to share with new attenders, in addition to the “Letter to Fellow Seekers” book.


Reed announced that he is the new president of the Mauthe Center Board of Directors.  Thank you, Reed, for your service. 


Adult Education:  On November 4 at 10:15 before MfW, Carol C will share her experiences at FGC this past summer.


Monthly Potluck/Discussion:  There are two remaining potlucks in the Fall schedule:

-November 9 – Integrity chapter

-December 7 – Peace chapter


FVFM Contact List:  Mary will be sending out a new contact list soon.


Prison Ministry:  Tina M and Mary K have been allowed to put copies of the NYM Faith and Practice into the Visiting Room library.  Tina M is continuing participation in the monthly WISDOM calls regarding solitary confinement.  They will be developing strategy ideas after they know results of the upcoming election.



Respectfully submitted,

Mary Klos, Clerk

With support from Tina M