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2018 Fourth Month

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Minutes Details: 

Fox Valley Friends Meeting for Business, April 8, 2018

FINAL – Approved for posting on June 10, 2018 

Present:  Hayden G, Jim C, Reed H, Tina M, Mary K - Clerk 

Approval of Minutes:  Minutes from the February 11 meeting were approved for posting with no changes. 

Treasurer's Report:  Our current bank balance is $2,460.32 and all current expenses are paid. 

New Business. 

Changes/Encouraging New Members:  Hayden G shared ideas on changes we could make to encourage growth and new members:

            -Call a special meeting 3-4 times per year to discuss Quakerism with new attendees, answer their questions, tell them how they can become a member

            -Make it easier to join

            -Share copies of “Letters to a Fellow Seeker” with new attenders

            -Have more discussions at 10 a.m. on Sunday

Meeting agreed to buy five copies of “Letters to a Fellow Seeker” to share with new attenders.  All members are asked to discuss these ideas with each other for further seasoning.

New Clerk Nominating Committee:  FVFM practice is to nominate, or reaffirm, a new Clerk every three years.  Mary is at the end of her three year term and is willing to continue as Clerk, but is also willing to step down if someone else would like the opportunity. Reed H and Jim C will serve on a committee to talk to members about the opportunity and bring back a recommendation at a future Meeting for Business.  It was also recommended that we do a search for a new treasurer after our work is done searching for a new clerk since Jim C has faithfully served in that position for MANY years.

Reports from Coordinators of Work Projects 

2018 Budget:  The 2018 budget proposed by our treasurer was discussed and approved with one minor change.  The budget for Supplies was increased from $100 to $200 to buy additional books for new attenders.  The approved 2018 budget is attached below.  

Mauthe Center:  Construction is nearing completion.  Reed H will check on the whereabouts of our items.

First Day School:  Our new Close of Meeting practice seems to be working to everyone’s satisfaction.  Adults start sharing at noon, the children join about 10 minutes later, we all sing a song together and close with a circle.

FCNL:  The following items were identified as our top legislative priorities for FCNL at a meeting for discernment on March 4.  Members approved, with the modification that “Income equality at home” would be more clearly stated as “Income equality in the U.S.”

-Equality for women

-Income equality at home:  single-payer health care, guaranteed living wage

-Fair elections

-Peace-building throughout the world

-Creating unity - eliminating racism, healing historical trauma

Also, strong trust and unconditional support in whatever FCNL prioritizes because they have proven they reflect our values. 

NYM State of Society Report:  This year we are asked to share a song along with our State of Society Report.  “How Can I Keep From Singing” was chosen as our song since it reflects the joy we are feeling with the new families and children attending our Meeting.  The following items should be included in our SOS Report:

            -New attenders, new families, new birth

            -Re-established First Day School

            -Discernment on what we can do to change and attract new members

            -Quakerism 101 in monthly potluck discussion, occasional Sunday morning adult education

            -Growing prison ministry, growing involvement with WISDOM (JOSHUA and RUTH)

Prison Ministry:  Tina reported that Shane has contributed writings on his solitary confinement experiences in the Wisconsin correctional system for WISDOM’s Day of Action presentation.  Also, Shane learned that his father has dementia and asks for our prayers.

Tina and Mary have started Quaker pastoral visits at Green Bay Correctional Institute.  They go every two weeks and are currently meeting with Carl, a friend of Shane’s.  They have started doing Friendly Bible Study together. 


-NYM Newsletter is now a monthly e-mail newsletter.  If you haven’t received it, let Mary K know and she can have you added to the e-mail list.

-Registration is open for NYM Session at Lion’s Camp on Memorial Weekend, May 25-28 

Respectfully submitted,

Mary Klos, Clerk

With support from Tina M