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2016 Tenth Month

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Minutes Details: 
Fox Valley Friends Meeting for Business, October 9, 2016 
Present:  Carol C, Jim C, Hayden G, Bob K, Tina M, Mary K - Clerk
Approval of Minutes:  Minutes from the September 11 meeting were approved for posting.
Treasurer's Report:  Northern Yearly Meeting support and four of our five Quaker donations have been paid (FGC, FCNL, AFSC, and RSWR).  FWCC has not been paid yet.  We will wait to see if enough funds come in to cover this.  Right now we have enough in our account to cover our expected expenses, like rent, for the rest of the year.  We received an additional donation to cover doubling the size of our JOSHUA ad this year.      
New Business.
Bi-Monthly Meeting for Business:  We approved changing our schedule for Meetings for Business to every other month instead of every month, with the understanding that we will call special meetings for any issues that arise in between if they are needed.  The schedule for the rest of the year is:  Dec 11, Feb 12, Apr 9, Jun 11, Aug 13, Oct 8, and Dec 10.  If you feel a special meeting needs to be called to address an issue during the year, please talk with the Clerk.  The Clerk will schedule the special meetings and give two weeks notice.
Discussion of our Financial Relationship to NYM:  We will invite the NYM Finance Committee to send a representative to talk with us after Meeting for Worship one weekend in November or January.  The Clerk will ask them to pick a date that works for them.
Reports from Coordinators of Work Projects.
Prison Ministry:  Tina read a letter from Shane asking for help in his research regarding prison reform, etc.  Anyone willing to do Internet searches for information is asked to get in touch with Tina.  Also, Tina suggested ‘Rise Up Singing’ as a good songbook to send him for his birthday in December and for Christmas since he plays guitar if there isn’t a more appropriate choice.  We will consider options and make a decision in December.  Suggestions are welcome.
Care of Meeting:  Carol reported that she has a schedule of songs posted on one side of our library, and monthly queries from Madison Friends Meeting posted on the other side.  There are still some openings in the song schedule, so Friends who have not responded yet are encouraged to provide the names of their musical favorites to Carol.   
Adult Education:  On October 30 at 10 a.m., those who attended Friends General Conference last summer will be sharing their experiences with everyone. This is a great opportunity to learn from FGC even if you were unable to be there in person.
WISDOM: JOSHUA will be holding their annual fund-raising dinner on November 4.  Hayden has tickets if you would like to buy one. This is their largest fund-raising event of the year.
Potlucks:  Development of the Fall schedule has been delayed, but Mary will send it out soon.  Hayden shared that icy conditions and the long walk from parking to the house often cause him to stay home.  We will look into other possible locations for our winter potlucks that would have parking close to the front door and no steps.
Communication:  Gabrielle suggested that we print some business cards for FVFM that tell where and when we meet and have contact information.  These could be shared with others to spread the word about our Meeting.  Friends approved.  Suggestions for an easy way to get this done are welcome.
Mary shared the revised contact list.  Corrections were received and it will be revised again and sent out via e-mail to all persons who are on the list.
Respectfully submitted,
Mary Klos, Clerk
With support from Tina M