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May 28, 2017 Meeting For Learning

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At this month's meeting for learning we will discuss Rufus Jones (January 25, 1863-Junne 16, 1948).  Jones is often described as being both a mystic and an activist.  He was a professor and prolific writer.  he helped found the American Friends Service Committee after World War One. In his later travels to China, Japan, and India he met with Mahatma Gandhi and was exposed to Buddhism and other eastern religious traditions.

We have a number of resources to support our discussion this month.  The first is a brief Wikipedia article that provides a high level over view of Jone's life and career.

The next is a Wikiquote page that provides a number of significant quotes attributed to Jones.

The final resources is the text of the William Penn Lecture titled "Religion As Reality, Life And Power" delivered by Jones at Haverford College in 1918.


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