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Construction Committee Update November 2016

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Construction Committee Report to Business Meeting, 11th Month, 2016

The Construction Committee members are: Cheryl Wicker, Don Oulman, Heidi Hannapel, and Andrew Wright.  We have been meeting regularly over recent months in order to work out all the detailed decisions of a final construction scope with Dodson Chapman Construction.  We now have drawings that DCC has submitted for a building permit and a construction contract that is ready to be signed.  We have a final project budget that includes the contract price with DCC to share at this month’s business meeting.  We will be ready to start construction December 1 or as soon as we receive the building permit from the Durham inspections department.
The Construction Committee is also working on Phase II of the project in order to create a universally accessible covered entrance at the south entrance to the ground floor.  We will return to business meeting for approval for the Phase II plans and budget once we are ready to move forward with this phase.
Finance Committee has consulted with our insurance agent regarding the construction project.  The Finance committee plans to increase the insured value of our property by the amount of the project budget, beginning December 1.  Our insurance policy also covers any incidents that occur to anyone using the meetinghouse during the construction period, including anyone volunteering on the site.  Our agent has received the contractor's certificate of insurance for liability and workers' compensation and finds it is in good order.
The Construction Committee has been in communication with Durham Early School about our plans to start construction on December 1.  Also, Heidi Hannapel and Toby Berla met with Oie Osterkamp, the director of Ronald McDonald House, to be sure they are updated as to our plans.  The Construction Committee has communicated with our DFM facility schedulers to be sure that other users of the building are aware of our plans.
Friends who would like to look more closely at the latest plans and construction contract can find documents at the bottom of this page.
The Construction Committee recommends that monthly meeting for business approve the following minutes:
Friends approve the construction contract price of $295,830 with Dodson Chatman Construction for the renovation and completion of the meetinghouse.  This contract price includes the design coordination cost of $9875 that was already approved at the 9th month business meeting.
Friends direct the clerk of meeting to sign the construction contract with Dodson Chatman Construction.  The Construction Committee recommends that this be done as soon as possible so that Dodson Chatman will be ready to begin construction as soon as we receive a building permit from the Durham inspections department.  
Friends approve the total project budget of $330,689 which includes construction, landscaping, furnishings, and 5% contingency for all expenses.  This total shall be expended at the discretion of the Construction Committee.
Friends approve borrowing internally from DFM members and attenders to the amount necessary to meet the total project budget after accounting for legacy monies and monies raised during the current campaign.
Friends also direct the treasurer to make regular payments according to the schedule of invoices we receive from Dodson Chatman Construction and other vendors, subject to the ongoing approval of the Construction Committee and the approved total project budget.