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November 2016 Update on Faith and Practice Revision Process

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The revision process for the Faith and Practice Book of Discipline of North Carolina Yearly Meeting (Conservative) is now well underway.  We have several sections at various steps in the revision process.

Several sections have now received second approval by the yearly meeting.  These sections include "Organizations and Procedures", "Meeting for Worship with Attention to Business", "Monthly, Quarterly and Yearly Meetings", "The Interim Body of Yearly Meeting", and "Membership".  They are all now part of the "Interim Discipline" and should be considered as accepted revisions that replace the similar sections from the 1983 Faith and Practice Book of Discipline.  The Interim Discipline is available on the yearly meeting website: .

The sections entitled "Special Occasions", "Historical Sketch", and "Policies and Procedures Manual" have all received first approval now.  Friends are encouraged to live with them over the current year and continue to consider them.  They will be considered for second approval and inclusion in the Interim Discipline during yearly meeting sessions next summer.  They can be found on the yearly meeting website on this page: .

The submission draft of the section "Introduction to the Discipline" is now ready to be considered for first approval at yearly meeting sessions this summer.  It can also be found on the yearly meeting website on this page: .  The Glossary is also available on this page.  It is a working document that we will continue to add to throughout the process.

Finally, a proposed draft of section 7, entitled "The Beginnings", has been distributed to monthly meetings.  The Revision Committee has requested responses from monthly meetings by Twelth Month.  The Cover Letter and Section 7 are posted below.