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11:00am Worship Sharing

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Worship sharing is a small-group exercise.  There is usually a facilitator, and often there are queries to consider.

Sharing is based on personal experience, coming from the heart. Each contribution is heard and is framed in silence. Having addressed a query, one does not speak to it again until everyone has had a turn, and rarely then. This process is intended to free participants from any need to consider a response or plan a contribution while someone else speaks. When one speaks, one resists the temptation to ask follow-up questions of a previous speaker, contradict or debate a point, give advice, or practice one’s diagnostic and therapeutic skills. Any of these might be illuminating, but they allow the speaker to hide from personal sharing. Partcipants should be mindful not to take more than their share of time while speaking.

Worship sharing is confidential—what is said within the group stays within the group and may not be repeated elsewhere without the specific permission of the original speaker. In many cases, due to the nature of the sharing, permission should be obtained from the whole group.

The facilitator will bring the group to a close when the appointed time has passed. Closing the session may include handshakes, hugs, and further silence.

 - Adapted from InterMountain Yearly Meeting Faith & Practice pp.40-41

Original image located at BIG ISLAND QUAKER Life Among Friends on the Island of Hawaii

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