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Work of the Meeting

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Meeting for Business

Every third First Day of the month, we gather after meeting for worship to conduct the business of the meeting.  The clerk presides over the meeting where all gathered seek to discern a spirit-led path through concensus or unity, rather than majority rule.

The Clerk

  • Guides the meetings for the conduct of business
  • Serves as spokesperson when one is needed
  • Is the center of communication for the meeting
  • Acts as the liaison with other meetings


The vast majority of work is accomplished through committees.  The Nominating Committee confers with members to determine their leadings to serve on committees for the benefit of the meeting.  Committee work can be both internal to the meeting, such as Building and Grounds, or external in areas such as Peace and Social Concerns.  The well-being and spiritual life of the meeting is the concern of Pastoral Care and Ministry and Worship.  In addition to committees, there are Trustees, a Treasurer and Recording Clerk.  The committees of Dover Meeting are:

Peace and Social Concerns
Building and Grounds
Pastoral Care
Ministry and Worship
Religious Education

Other Ministries

Following their own leadings, small groups within the Dover Meeting perform important work that supports Quaker testimonies such as peace, social justice, sustainability, and the environment.  Current ministries include:  Jail Ministry and Creating a Peaceful World by Sustaining our Future.


Work Area for Committees

Building & Grounds




Ministry & Worship


Pastoral Care

Peace & Social Concerns

Religious Education