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Nuclear Realities -August Peace Calendar Queries

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contributed by Lonnie Valentine

What is the first Testimony that comes to mind when you think about

nuclear power generating plants? Why?

How would you relate the other Testimonies to the use of nuclear power to generate electricity?

The nuclear power proponents are claiming that this source of electricity contributes to slowing climate change. What do you think makes such a claim plausible? Do you know the counter-arguments?

The worry over the potential use of nuclear weapons has re-emerged with the conflict in the Ukraine. What is your sense of what has changed since the end of the Cold War on the nuclear weapons issue?

More Resources:

August has become a month of activism around nuclear weapons and energy as a way to commemorate Hiroshima Day (August 6) and Nagasaki Day (August 9). Friends Committee on National Legislation has an entire webpage dedicated to nuclear weapons issues:   — it includes a collection of faith communities’ appeals for nuclear disarmament.

Murakami Toshio has shared this eyewitness account of the nuclear bombing in Hiroshima:




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