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What is Quakerism?

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There is a wide range of beliefs within the various branches of the Society of Friends, and most of that range is represented within Community Friends. Our worship is from expectant silence and is open to the religious experience of all individuals. We believe that a direct knowledge of God is available to people of all faiths and cultural backgrounds.

Most of us at Community Friends share these beliefs:

  • There is within each human being a Divine Presence to which we can listen.
  • We know this presence by many names, including the Inner Light, the Inner Teacher, the Seed Within, the Divine, the Inner Christ.
  • We desire to be directed by this inward Presence - Inward Light.
  • We can understand the words of scripture only by the guidance of the Inner Teacher.
  • We call the ongoing guidance of God "continuing revelation".

Living in accord with the Inner Teacher will naturally lead to a life of integrity, simplicity, peace, equality and community. These are some of our Quaker testimonies. Major Quaker testimonies flow from our belief that there is that of God in everyone. We practice peace and nonviolence because all human life is precious, integrity because our life should be God directed, and sustainability of the Earth's resources is our testimony of this generation.


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