Friends General Conference

Together we nurture the spiritual vitality of Friends

Committees of this Meeting

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Adult Religious Education schedules topics for Second Hour and other programs that address Friends' concerns, including spiritual nurture groups, and educational series of speakers and discussion.

Community Committee helps plan occasions that increase fellowship and deepen our connections with each other. These may include carry-in meals that occur every First Sunday of the month, musical events such as coffee houses and QuakerFest, snack times before Meeting for Business, special events and celebrations, supporting committees that host visiting Quakers, as well as other ways of developing community ties.

Friends in Unity with Nature (FUN) Committee seeks ecological harmony involving simplicity, right sharing of Earth resources and mindfulness of the patterns of nature that sustain all life.

House and Grounds Committee recommends policies and implements actions assuring quality maintenance and improvements to the Meeting House, property, and grounds. It also acts as liaison with our adjacent property neighbors and with the Caretakers of the Meeting House.

Library Committee is responsible for the Meeting library which provides convenient access to a representative collection of historical and contemporary Quaker publications for members and attenders of Community Friends Meeting and offers selected non-Quaker publications which support the current programs, projects, and ministries of the Meeting. It is also responsible for maintaining the Meeting’s archives and essential documents related to conduct of Meeting business. The committee has produced a pamphlet with more information about its work.

Ministry and Counsel Committee fosters and strengthens the spiritual life of the Meeting. It is responsible for the quality of the meeting for worship and the ministry to the spiritual and human concerns of members and attenders.

Newsletter Committee prepares Community Companion, the monthly newsletter of Community Friends Meeting, and sees to its distribution and mailing.

Nominating Committee  invites people to serve on committees and as Clerks of our Meeting and represent the Meeting at wider Quaker bodies as well as in ecumenical groups in the greater Cincinnati community. Helps individuals in Meeting to develop their own gifts through service to our community.

Peace and Social Concerns Committee is part of the way our Meeting implements the Peace Testimony and other Testimonies of Friends. We seek to inform ourselves and the Meeting of events, especially local events, that help to work for peace and justice and to encourage participation.  We work to provide action opportunities for ourselves and the Meeting. We join with other local groups, including the Cincinnati Peace Churches group, Intercommunity Justice and Peace Center, and others to support each other's peace and justice work. We have a ministry of providing dinners to Tender Mercies homeless shelter and volunteer time to the FreeStore Foodbank. We provide Sunday services for incarcerated people through the TJM worship team, provide dinners through Tender Mercies homeless shelter, and volunteer time to the FreeStore Foodbank.

Religious Development Committee supports the spiritual development of our children and teens through the following:  planning curriculum and recruiting teachers, producing the annual Christmas play and other intergenerational activities, promoting youth activities among the 3 Quaker meetings in Cincinnati, and sponsoring field trips. Many members of the committee  take on teaching responsibilities, but this is not expected nor required. We appreciate having both parents and nonparents on the committee.

Stewardship Committee is responsible for advising the meeting on financial matters and helps the Meeting find ways of raising funds to meet our budget.