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Quaker Cloud September Updates

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We've been busy here at the Quaker Cloud!  Here are some updates we want to share with you.  If you did not receive an email from us about these things we might not be able to reach you for some reason.  Contact [email protected] to get back on our list!  And now...for our news:

Item One:  Hosting Change

We have migrated to a new host, Pantheon.  This allows us to be faster and helps us scale down on the cost of the Quaker Cloud.  Many meetings will not notice a change.  Meetings who forward their website might need to reconfigure their settings.  A reminder of how to do this can be found HERE.

Item Two:  Pay as Lead

We are switching entirely to a “pay as lead” model.  The real cost of the Quaker Cloud is $410 per meeting. We recommend that a small meeting pays at least $120 and a large meeting pay at least $240, but we want to be transparent about the true cost of this service.  Paying less than $410 means that this service is subsidized by other meetings and FGC.  Please consider this when your meeting discusses paying for the Quaker Cloud.  When you receive your invoice for the next fiscal year, you will see an opportunity to adjust your payment if you choose to pay closer to the real cost of the service.

Item Three:  Single Meeting Contact

The Quaker Cloud is growing, but there is only a part time staff person supporting the Cloud.  To keep this project scaleable, we will be streamlining our communication process with meetings.  Eventually only one contact will receive mass communications from the Quaker Cloud staff member.  This means that email blasts in the future will only go to one person. This is not an immediate change, but will be implemented slowly over the next few months.  If you know your meeting has multiple admins who receive this email and you would like to designate a main admin who also communicates with FGC, please send us an email.

Item Four:  End of the Fiscal Year

Our fiscal year ends in one month and we have to reconcile our books.  If you’re not sure about your meeting’s payment status feel free to email us. A number of meetings have been invoiced, so watch the mail and keep in touch if you have questions.

"One More Thing...."

We are excited to announce that the Quaker Cloud is now mobile responsive.  This means it is now optimized to look great on your phone or tablet!  We are thrilled to be able to finally offer this to users!!!!

In Service,

The Quaker Cloud Team