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Improving SEO

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Most of our Quaker Cloud meetings come up at the top of Google searches, but sometimes meeting websites need a little bit of help.  If your meeting does not come up to the top of your search, here are a few things to try:

1.  Add a Group Subtitle.

2.  Add a Cloud Description.

3.  Add a few pages of content that are publicly available.  Google will not search your private content.

4.  Add a link to social media if you meeting has a Facebook or Twitter account.

If your meeting is still not coming up to the top after these things all being up for about a week, try these:

1.  Examine your verbiage.  For example, if your are "Friendly Friends Meeting of Philadelphia" try to also put "Friendly Quakers" in your Group Subtitle or Cloud Description.  Think of the search terms people would enter hoping to find your site, and then make sure those terms are front and center on your page for the Google crawlers to find.

2.  Add social media beyond Facebook or Twitter.

3.  If you are competing with another website that your meeting also owns, consider taking it down.

Remember, it takes a few days to a week for these things to take affect.  FGC does push information to Google as part of the Quaker Cloud service.  Google does not crawl your site every time it is updated, and it doesn't catalogue sites very well that do not have much information available.