2019 -05 (May) Minutes for Meeting for Business DRAFT

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Minutes Details: 

Chestnut Hill Friends Meeting

Meeting for Worship for Business
19 Mayl 2019 beginning promptly at 12:15

Agenda (see document links below)

  1. Opening Worship and Reading of the Fifth Query
  2. Stewardship
  3. Tuition Assistance (decision required)
  4. Safety Coordinator
  5. Finance (proposed budget)
  6. Finance (Grants to Quaker Organizations) (decision required)
  7. Care & Counsel
  8. Ad hoc Committee on Racism
  9. Quarterly Representatives
  10. Peace & Social Concerns (decision required)
    1. Grants
    2. POWER
  11. Property Committee (decision required)
    1. Defibrillator
    2. Goldenberg Proposal
  12. Approval of Minutes of March Meeting for Business
  13. Approval of Minutes of April Meeting for Business
  14. Announcements
    1. June Annual Reports Due
      1. First Day School
      2. Finance (approval of budget)
    2. Easy Evens 
      1. June--Skyspace
      2. July -- Office and Administration
      3. August -- Stewardship
    3. Clerks' Meeting, June  16 at 12:00 in the Worship Room
    4. Reserved July Saturday (July 20) will be released tomorrow for rentals.
    5. RE and Property Committees are treating the play area for ticks

 Query for the Fifth Month -- Education

  • What is our Meeting’s role in the life and support of Friends’ education? If supporting or maintaining a Friends school, have we developed an appropriate relationship of Meeting and school? What is our role in the spiritual life of the school and its maintenance of Friends’ principles?
  • What does our Meeting do to support education in the wider community?
  • What help do we provide for the children and adults in our Meeting to pursue the education they seek, whether academic, technical, or vocational? Do we make provision for children in our Meeting to attend a Friends school?
  • How do I show my concern for the improvement of public education in my community and in the world?
  • Am I aware of what Friends schools are doing and of their plans for the future? How do I show encouragement and support?