Corrections to November 2018 Newsletter

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Corrections to November Newsletter

Film, “Human Flow,” Friday, November 16, 7pm

The November newsletter gave the wrong date; this film showing is on Friday, 11/16, and not Saturday, 11/17. “Human Flow,” by the Chinese activist artist Ai Weiwei, is a beautiful, panoramic, and humane overview of the global flights of refugees. Filmed with an artistic sensibility, the film highlights the courage of refugees and the dedication of international defenders of their lives and rights. The Wall Street Journal called the film “a testament to the power of seeing.” Simple refreshments will be served. Contributions to cover the film license and towards the UNHCR Lifeline program for Syrian refugees in Jordan will be gratefully received.

Easy Evens by Landscape Committee in November

October being thoroughly over, Landscape Committee’s responsibility for light refreshments on the second and fourth Sundays will cover November instead. (The November newsletter had assigned October to the Landscape Committee.)